Rush County Chamber Of Commerce


The following is a list of other community organizations that are plugged into My World My Town. Some of these sites are “Demo Sites Only”, meaning that they have not yet been endorsed by the organization.
These pages have created to show how My World My Town would enable these organizations and others to create a better and more organized way to communicate with their members. With some of these sites, I try to update with actual information in the event the organization would like to start using it and to show how their "homepage would look in action. By the way, some sites Like the Rush County Employment Center, have been created to help those looking for Jobs find them in one easy location.
Funnel as many as you like onto your personal page so that you can be informed on all of the activites in our community. Simply click on any of the organizations below or go to the Organizations Tab at the top of the page To view even more public organizations. Any of the organizations you follow will automatically funnel onto YOUR homepage.

All you need to do is click on any of the Organizations above that you would like to receive information from and “Become A Member” ( For Free), it’s that easy. You can also click on the “Organizations Tab” at top and find even more organizations!

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