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Henry County IN Wind Energy Attitude Shifting

As reported in the Courier Times 10-6-2016

MIDDLETOWN — Town council members recently passed a unanimous resolution opposing wind farm development.
The title of the resolution included the Big Blue River Wind Farm Project, as well as any wind farm project, clerk-treasurer Drew Cooper said.

The resolution read, in part, “We the town council of the Town of Middletown are opposed to the Big Blue River Wind Farm Project. We feel it will be a huge detriment both financially and in spirit to our community and the surrounding area.”

A group of concerned citizens approached the council about the issue several weeks ago, asking them to officially oppose wind farms. Initially the council took no formal action other than placing a tally sheet in the utility office for Middletown residents to indicate their views on the matter. Cooper said the tally sheet received 14 responses. Two people supported wind farm development while 12 opposed it.

Middletown isn’t the first town in Henry County to make the decision. The Lewisville Town Council recently passed a similar resolution. Other
municipalities, however, such as Knightstown and New Castle, have decided to remain neutral regarding wind farm development. Last month, the New Castle-Henry County Economic Development Corporation issued a statement
that it would no longer pursue new wind farm development in the county. However, the EDC did note that it hoped Flatrock and Whitewater wind farms

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