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Big win for Lewisville!

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Indiana Supreme Court Denies Wind Company a Hearing!

Once again, we are very pleased to report that the Supreme Court denied the Petition to Transfer. This matter is now concluded. The original BZA conditions have been upheld and the trial court and Court of Appeals rulings affirmed.

Thank you to EVERYON

Court Upholds Rush County Wind Decision

The Connersville News Examiner has a full write up on the recent court decision regarding Rush County. Click here *to v…

Indiana Court of Appeals’ Makes Decision

Rush County Wind Awareness is very pleased to report that the Indiana Court of Appeals’ 26-page Opinion fully affirmed the trial court’s decision (which affirmed the BZA’s underlying decision with respect to the imposition of the 2,300-foot setback)…

Notice Of Special Rush County Commissioners Meeting-- West Fork Wind litigation

The Rush County Commissioners will conduct executive session pursuant to Indiana’s open meeting law, IC 5-14-1.5-6.1 (2) (B) for West Fork Wind litigation.

The meeting will take place in the Auditors Office of the Rush County Courthouse on Monday, Februa…

Obama Just Signed Bald Eagle Death Warrant

Fox News is reporting that on Wednesday December 14, 2016 President Obama signed into law a bill that allows Wind Turbines the right and protection to kill thousands of protected eagles and other birds. Tap here

Rush County BZA NextEra Ruling

*The Rush County BZA ruled this evening that NextEra’s Wind Turbines would need to comply to a 2,640’ property line setback and a maximum turbine height of 200’ tall.
NextEra had wanted the setback at 1500’ and the turbines height of over 500’.

11-16-16 BZA Meeting Cliff Notes

NextEra and their team of paid experts gave the usual story of how great and beneficial wind energy would be for the county. The benefits ranged from the county and participating landowners receiving monetary rewards to “green energy” and to property values…

Map and Upcoming NextEra BZA Meeting

The Rush County BZA will have a Special Exception meeting regarding the (twenty-two) 309 foot tall industrial wind turbine complex by NextEra Energy Resources.

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Getting The Word Out

Just an update. Since this wind awareness page has been up and running, we’ve had over 35,000 various pages viewed and over 21,000 visits (includes repeat and first time visitors)! Giving people a place to educate themselves and keep them informed about the…

Former Riley Hospital for Children Chief of Audiology- Noise Risk From Wind Turbines


Doctor says ordinances should focus on noise, not distance





Henry County IN Wind Energy Attitude Shifting

As reported in the Courier Times 10-6-2016

MIDDLETOWN — Town council members recently passed a unanimous resolution opposing wind farm development.
The title of the resolution included the Big Blue River Wind Farm Project, as well as any wind f…

Just A Reminder Of How Apex Operates

Many may know about the Apex Clean Energy texting scandal but since we have many new people finding this site, here is a link to Henry County Commissioner candidate David Herring…

Ted Hartke To Address Henry Co. Indiana

The following text is information that was copied from Henry County Indiana resident David Herring’s Facebook page.

A message from Ted Hartke…
Ted will be traveling at his own expense to address …

Rush County Joint APC/BZA Sept 14th Meeting/Agenda

APC Agenda

Rush County Area Plan Commission September 14, 2016 6:00P.M.

Roll Call:

Minutes: Approval of August 10, 2016 APC minutes.

Old Business:

New Business:

1. Subdivisions:

APC2016-041 – Cecil G. Spilman & Mary F. S…

Henry County EDC Stance On Wind Energy

Below is a copied text of the Henry County’s EDC open letter regarding their stance on Wind Energy:

August 30, 2016

100 S. Main Street, Suite 203 New Castle, IN 47362 phone: (765).521.7402

Fax: (765).521.7404


Pilot Killed While Spraying Crops In Southwest Minnesota

A Minnesota pilot lost his life last week when his airplane, spraying crops in an agricultural area, crashed into a tower which monitors wind conditions for nearby industrial wind turbines!
As most people realize, Rush, Fayette and Henry counties …

Apex Energy-- Opponents Have No Right

Apex Energy in the August 16th edition of the Connersville News Examiner claims "the group of remonstrators, who oppose  the wind project and spoke out at the July 2015 BZA meeting where the increased setback decision was made, had no business being…

Agenda For 8-10-16 APC/BZA

Here are the agendas for the Aug 10th 2016 Rush County APC/BZA meetings!


Rush County Area Plan Commission

August 10, 2016


Roll Call:

Minutes: Approval of July 13, 2016 APC minutes.

Old Business:

Local Effects Of Industrial Wind Turbines

The below paragraph is a real life example of what we in Rush County as well as Henry county can expect to deal with while the threat of industrial wind turbine’s continues to hoover over both our county’s head. And if th…

Portable Met Instruments In Use

This portable Met instrument operated by Calpine, which is a wind company seeking to install around 100…

Apex Initiates Appeal Regarding Judgement On Flat Rock


An appeal filed by Apex has been initiated with the Indiana Court of Appeals in regards to the Judgement issued on 5/27/16 by Judge Bailey of Greensburg. The judge ruled in favor of the Rush County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) in the judicial review…



Rush County Area Plan Commission

June 8, 2016


Roll Call:

Minutes: Approval of May 18, 2016 APC minutes.

Old Business:

1. Public hearing regarding amendment banning commercial wind energy conversion systems in…

The Courier Times- "Area Wind Project Could Be In Jeopardy"

Credit: By JAMES SPRAGUE | The Courier-Times | June 5, 2016 | ~~

RUSHVILLE – The future of an area wind farm project could be in jeopardy in the wake of a ruling filed late last week in Rush Superior Court.

Special Rush Su…

Judgement Received Regarding Judicial Review

In regards to the request for a judicial review filed by Apex last year, Judge Bailey of Greensburg entered his judgment on June 1, 2016 fully in our favor affirming the Rush County Board of Zoning Appeals July 1, 2015 decision, with the Setback Condition. …

May 18th APC/BZA Agenda


Rush County Area Plan Commission

May 18th, 2016


Roll Call:

Minutes: Approval of April 13th, 2016 APC minutes and April 18th, 2016 Work Session.

Old Business:

New Business:


*APC2016-16 – (…

Apex employee responds, “Deliver Kim and we will talk!”


An agreement between a wind developer and the county expected to be considered at Wednesday’s meeting of the Henry County Commissioners was not presented as expected….
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Henry County Commissioners Meeting


This evening May 11th 2016, 6:00pm. The Henry County Commissioners will be meeting. The Agenda will be the Flatrock Road Maintenance Agreement!
As most know, what happens in Henry and Fayette Counties concerning Industrial Wind Issues also affects u…

Flatrock Tax Abatement In Henry County Being Questioned

A resident opposed to construction of a wind farm in southern Henry County has had attorneys write a document objecting to giving it a tax abatement.

April 27, the county council granted a tax abatement to Flat Rock Wind Farm LLC. The company is a subsid…

Fox News Report: New Rule Would Allow Eagles To Die


Obama Administration’s new Wind Energy rule would permitt thousands of eagles to die. See full story here.


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