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As you may or may not know, Rush County is considering a proposal to construct approximately (65) 500’ to 610’ tall wind turbines throughout the northeastern quadrant of the county. Research and learn what impacts a wind turbine located near you might have on your home and your family – a wind turbine has far reaching effects that do not stay confined to the property boundaries on which it is located. Once something like this is done, there is no going back.

And most importantly, every one of the county leaders needs to hear from you! For contact information, please select the following links: Rush County Commissioners, Rush County Council, Calendar Of 2015 Meetings

Please submit any information to be considered for posting on the site to or message the Admin in member listing.

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Great Turn Out!


We had a GREAT TURNOUT at this mornings Rush County Commissioners meeting! Plus, there were good comments and questions! Continue to talk to people so that we have new faces showing up at future meetings as well.

Please do not forget to attend …

Apex Files Judicial Review Against BZA

It’s is official. Apex has filed a judicial review against the Rush Co. BZA.

This means that Apex is seeking an unbiased review of the BZA’s approval of the special exception. It also means that Rush County will now have to use taxpayer money to provide…

Upcoming County Govt Meetings


Please check out the upcoming events column for this page. There are 2 upcoming meetings next week. Commissioners Meeting and APC Meeting.
Please plan to attend these meetings. It is vitally important that our Awareness group has VERY STRONG represe…

NextEra Suing Woman Who Opposes Turbines

A large wind turbine corporation (NextEra) is suing an Ontario woman who is opposing turbines in her backyard.
Keep in mind that NextEra is the company facilitating the Whitewater Project which has proposed wind turbines in Washington and Union townships…

Top 10 reasons Why I DO Want A Wind Turbine Near Me


Enjoy this letter to the editor which was written to the Rushville Republican by Rush County resident Bill Weaver.
Right after that …

Update On The BZA's 6 Month Moratorium Request

At the July 1st meeting, the Rush Co. BZA made a recommendation that the Rush Co. Commissioners put a 6 month moratorium on the wind farm project until further information could be gathered.

An inquiry was made on 7-20-15 to the APC office to obtain an …

Shadow Flicker


Farmer moves from his farm after 8 years of dealing with shadow flicker.


NextEra Won’t Drop Its Lawsuit

According to this Article NextEra continues to harass an anti-wind-project activist.

Henry County Courier Times Article 7-9-15


Full speed ahead: County to continue Apex wind farm negotiations


Wisconsin Wind Farm Experiences

This website contains several articles regarding the wind farms in Wisconsin and their impact.

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