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As you may or may not know, Rush County is considering a proposal to construct approximately (65) 500’ to 610’ tall wind turbines throughout the northeastern quadrant of the county. Research and learn what impacts a wind turbine located near you might have on your home and your family – a wind turbine has far reaching effects that do not stay confined to the property boundaries on which it is located. Once something like this is done, there is no going back.

And most importantly, every one of the county leaders needs to hear from you! For contact information, please select the following links: Rush County Commissioners, Rush County Council, Calendar Of 2015 Meetings

Please submit any information to be considered for posting on the site to or message the Admin in member listing.

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Great Job To All

Congratulations to every single person who put forth effort to raise awareness concerning the Flatrock Wind Project! Including all the folks in Rush County, Fayette County, Henry County, Tipton County and any other county or country for that matter!
While …

Big Wind's Bogus Subsidies


US News and World Report article.


For The Record

In Friday’s 6-26-15 edition of the Rushville Republican, part of the Rush Co. Wind Awareness Group’s side was shared w…

Latest Updated Turbine Map


Here is the latest Rush County Flatrock Project map as of 6-22-15


Dr Nina Pierpont-- Wind Turbine Syndrome


Here is an article written by Dr Nina Pierpont phD discussing wind turbine syndrome that’s triggered from living around wind turbines.


Check Out Our Rush Co. Fair Exhibit

The Rush County Wind Awareness LLC has set up an exhibit at the Rush County Fair

12,000 Pageviews and Counting!

The whole purpose of our group and this webpage has been to educate everyone about the other side of the story regarding industrial wind turbines – the side that the wind companies fail to share – and that is exactly what is happening!
Our website has had …

Updated Proposed Flatrock Wind Project Map For Rush Co.


Here is a link to the latest (6-19-15) site layout map for Rush County for the Flatrock …

$650 Million Deal; Elwood, Ind. Wind Farm SOLD

This article has some very interesting points to absorb. If these “clean” energy companies can sell portions of their company for giant sums, why is it t…

Howard County Wind Ordinance


Howard County Commissioners consider increasing restrictions on wind farms. Open this article to see the attachment.


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