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As you may or may not know, Rush County is considering a proposal to construct approximately (65) 500’ to 610’ tall wind turbines throughout the northeastern quadrant of the county. Research and learn what impacts a wind turbine located near you might have on your home and your family – a wind turbine has far reaching effects that do not stay confined to the property boundaries on which it is located. Once something like this is done, there is no going back.

And most importantly, every one of the county leaders needs to hear from you! For contact information, please select the following links: Rush County Commissioners, Rush County Council, Calendar Of 2015 Meetings

Please submit any information to be considered for posting on the site to or message the Admin in member listing.

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Judicial Review Update

The judicial review request that Apex filed has been appointed to a special judge – Decatur Superior Court Judge Matthew Bailey.

On Thursday, August 27, there was to be a preliminary conference. This type of pretrial conference is normally done to rece…

Apex Hires Local Rush County Resident


Local resident Michael Dora has accepted a job offer from Apex Wind Energy. Mr. Dora will be opening an office in Rushville so that local leaders and citizens can have access to a representative of Apex.


Wind Farm Abatement Analysis


Here is the Wind Farm Abatement Analysis as prepared by Umbaugh & Associates in regard to the Flatrock Wind Project. Feel free to browse throug…

Energy Company Could Sue Boone County Over Proposed Wind Turbine Setbacks


Once Big Wind Company’s have entered and infiltrated a County, this is the kind of thing that can happen if they do not get their way as Rush County Indiana

Black Hawk County Officials Reject Wind Turbines


Here is an interesting article where the residence in an Iowa County illustrate the concerns that ma…

Upcoming County Govt Meetings


Rushville Republican Coverage


In case you don’t receive the Rushville Republican here is the latest coverage from them regarding the Flat Rock Wind Project.

Commissioners Meeting Tomorrow Morning

Just A Reminder that the Rush Co. Commissioners regularly scheduled meeting is tomorrow morning 9am.
If you can make it that would be great.

Rush County Wind Awareness Booth Canceled


Due to recent rains and muddy conditions, the Rush County Wind Awareness Group has canceled today and tomorrow’s booth display at the Pioneer steam show.

*+The Pioneer Steam Show is NOT closed.


Upcoming Meetings

Tomorrow evening 8-6-15 there will be a Rush Co. BZA meeting at 7:30pm. In the courthouse assembly room.
Monday August 10th at 9am. In the Rush County Courthouse there will be a commissioners meeting.
Please plan on attending and spread the word. The…

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