Rush County Sheriff Department

2016 Semi Annual Activity Report


Sheriff James Cowan has released the following report of activity for the Rush County Sheriff’s office from January 1st to June 30th, 2016.

Total calls for service by all emergency responder agencies (Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS) in Rush County for the first six months of 2016 totaled 5315 calls. This indicates all calls for service going through both 911 dispatch centers. (Rush County Sheriff’s Office and Rushville Police Dept.)

From this total (5315) the Rush County Sheriff’s Office processed 2757 of these calls (51.8%), (2035 RCSO Calls; 722 calls to other county agencies- Fire/EMS)

Sheriff’s Deputies responded to 2035 calls for service, of which, 1714 required various forms of investigation and reports. In addition to these calls for service Deputies also assisted with 321 Fire and EMS calls. During this time Deputies drove 218,389 miles and issued 296 traffic citations. Only 17 (0.9%) of these cases were transferred to other agencies.

A few of these calls included the following :
Citizens Assist: 80
Suspicious Activity: 141
Agency Assist: 140
Total Traffic Crash: 147

  • Property Damage: 101
  • Personal Injury: 20
  • Fatal: 1
  • Car Deer: 15
  • Hit and Run: 10

VIN Inspection: 97
Burglary/Theft: 56

The Detective has followed up on the following cases:
Burglaries: 8
Sex Offenses/ Registration Violations: 20
Thefts: 41
Death Investigations: 6
Fraud Cases: 24
Stand-Offs’ Involving weapons: 1

Reserve Deputies have assisted in many area including the New Salem Lions Club Auction, Amish School Sale, Rush County Fair and various other events and activities in addition to assisting with working the road and around the Sheriff’s Office.
Reserves this year so far have worked 1154 hours.
Calls Taken: 89
Traffic Stops: 93
Criminal Arrests: 9

There have been 585 people booked into the jail; (164 females and 421 males) on 1125 different criminal charges. In addition, there were 555 inmates released.
Out of the 585 total number booked in, 350 (59.8%) were arrested by members of the Sheriff’s Office. The balance of 235 (40.2%) were combined arrests from the Rushville Police Department (227 arrest (38.8%), Carthage Police Department (2 arrests (0.3%)), Glenwood Police Department (1 arrests (0.1%)), and the Indiana State Police (5 arrests (0.8%)). The average jail population during this time was 59 inmates.
Some of those that were arrested and booked into jail included the following charges:
Drug Charges: 240

  • Dealing Meth/Marijuana/Cocaine: 19
  • Possession of Meth/Marijuana/Cocaine/Synthetic Drug: 128
  • Other Charges: 93

DUI Charges: 122

  • Alcohol: 104
  • Controlled Substance: 21
  • Endangering Others: 12
  • DUI 2nd Offenses: 5

Habitual Traffic Offenders: 6
Battery/Domestic Battery: 66
Strangulation/Pointing Firearm: 6
Burglary/Theft/Residential Entry: 50
Auto/Auto Parts Theft: 1
In addition to this the jail has transported inmates for a total of over 15,336 miles.

There are currently 483 active warrants on file. For 2016 there have been 339 warrants issued/re-issued, 27 recalled and 283 served.

For 2015 the Sheriff’s Office Dispatch answered over 9,900 telephone calls. Some of these included the following:

  • 911 Calls: 2317
  • Administrative Calls: 1546
  • Jail Division: 3658
  • Calls for Service: 1784

The Sheriff’s Office was involved in over 1907 hours of training and professional development for the first half of 2016. This included 48 different training courses attended by all areas of staff.

Courthouse Security in addition to assisting with courtroom proceedings and regularly giving directions to lost visitors have made 30 arrests, and assisted courtroom staff with bank escorts over 430 times. In addition they have handled several unruly persons.

The administrative staff at the Sheriff’s Office was involved in the following:

Cash received/disbursed: $313,900.94
Cash Bonds: 237
Sheriff Sales: 22
Gun Permits: 140
Tax Warrants: 61
Civil Process Entered: 970
Civil Process Served Or Returned to Court: 1,056
Claims Processed: 376

Administrative staff also maintained registration records on 38 sex offenders, (35 still active) and 5 violent offenders (2 still active).


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